This Work Center Manages

your risk of contagion COVID-19

Química Industrial SPES S.A. receives the certification for having a Management Plan for the prevention of COVID-19 infection in its work center.

With this plan, Química Industrial SPES S.A. is committed to implement the measures set out in the basis of protocols of the health authority and to improve international practices.

On January 11, 2022, Química Industrial SPES S.A. received the COVID-19 Seal from the Chilean Safety Association (ACHS). This recognition demonstrates the high level of commitment to the safety and health of its employees and families.


This seal verifies compliance with the requirements established by the Ministry of Health and the Superintendence of Social Security, which the company has complied with, showing great teamwork that allowed the full implementation of measures to prevent contagions.


Our ACHS Advisor, Prevention Expert, Mr. Hector Muñoz highlights the work done and high commitment of the entire company, "As ACHS we are very proud to give this recognition to Química SPES, where we highlight the milestone and the achievement reached by virtue of the joint work that was carried out during the last time. In addition, we congratulate each collaborator and the top management for the permanent disposition towards safety and encouraging permanent self-care, always protecting workers from COVID-19 infection, and we invite them to continue along the same path".


For his part, Eugenio Gormaz Diaz CEO of Química Industrial SPES indicates: "This is a great achievement of the entire SPES team, which shows that with perseverance any goal is achievable, our company celebrates 75 years of uninterrupted industrial life, and we are proud of all the goals achieved. The measures implemented by the Covid- SPES Committee have allowed us to take care of our Team and families. This is an encouragement that invites us to continue and not to lower our guard, always being alert, watching over the common good and taking care of ourselves responsibly".


Eugenio Gormaz Diaz, CEO. Patricio Gormaz Diaz, New Business Manager; Luis Cuadra Cabezas, Administration and Finance Manager; Alvaro Zamorano Meza, Plant Manager; Natalia Maraboli Perez, Quality Management Manager; Daniela Carvajal Devoto, Quality Management Assistant; and Carlos Pozo Pinto, Operations Assistant Manager.


Mr. Hector Muñoz, Expert Advisor, attended on behalf of ACHS.

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