Your brain needs Omega-3 all your life.

DHA is the most abundant Fatty Acid in the brain, so you must be careful to maintain a constant supply.

By taking daily Omega-3 "fish" supplements you will literally be "feeding your brain".


DHA is important in pregnancy and lactation, as well as in infants and children, to contribute to healthy brain development.


EPA and DHA are important in childhood because brain continues to develop into adulthood.

Evidence-based medicine shows that Omega-3 consumption can support cognitive performance in adults.


SPES S.A. offers Omega-3 fish oil supplements, with no taste or odor thanks to our internationally certified technology.


Unique products such as Nutra Smart Mom - Nutra Smart Baby - Nutra Smart Kids flavor: orange, pineapple and lemon - Nutra Smart Big Fish Emulsion flavor: orange,

cherry and pineapple - Nutra Smart Fish Oil liquid - Nutra Smart Fish Oil softgels will accompany you in your cognitive development and much more.



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